Elon Musk’s Vision For Twitter: Payments, Debit Cards, and More

• Elon Musk is looking for new revenue sources for Twitter, and has started to seek regulatory licenses throughout the US in order to enable payment processing.
• A key component of Musk’s strategy to create new revenue sources is the initiative to start accepting payments through the website.
• Musk co-founded one of the earliest online banks, X.com, in 1999 with a grand vision of combining messaging, payments and commerce into one “everything app”.

Elon Musk’s Vision for Twitter Payments

Elon Musk has been seeking out new revenue streams to turn around the company since he purchased it for $44 billion in October last year. As part of his larger strategy to introduce a “everything app” that combines messaging, payments and commerce, Esther Crawford—a rapidly ascending lieutenant of Musk at Twitter—has begun outlining the architecture required to enable payments on site with a small team.

Advertising Revenue Plummets

Since purchasing Twitter, its $5 billion annual advertising revenue has plummeted due to management and content moderation issues. As such, accepting payments through the website is seen as a key component of creating new revenue sources.

X Corporation: The Grand Vision

Musk admitted in August 2020 that he had „a greater vision“ for what his original online bank—X Corporation—could have become back in 1999 when it was first founded. At Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting he said: It’s a pretty grand vision…Twitter would help accelerate that by three to five years without giving any further details at that time.

The Birth of X Corporation

At the height of the initial dot com bubble in early 1999, Musk co-founded one of the first online banks – X Corporation – investing most (if not all) of his after-tax Zip 2 sale earnings into it ($12 million). His ultimate ambition was for X Corporation to develop into a one stop shop for financial services including brokerage and insurance services.


As part of an overall strategy towards creating an “everything app” offering messaging, payments and commerce solutions Elon Musk is pushing forward with plans for enabling payment processing on Twitter amidst declining advertising revenues caused by management issues and content moderation problems.

UAE on Track to Become Crypto Hub: Trade Minister

• UAE Trade Minister Thani Al-Zeyoudi stated that crypto will play a major role in UAE trade going forward.
• The UAE is working to become a crypto-hub by attracting large companies with crypto-friendly regulations.
• UAE Minister of State for artificial intelligence and the digital economy Omar Sultan Al Olama spoke on the crypto-focused panel at the 2023 World Economic Forum.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is poised to embrace the growing trend of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the coming years. At the 2023 World Economic Forum held at Davos Switzerland, UAE Trade Minister Thani Al-Zeyoudi commented on the potential role of cryptocurrencies in the country’s foreign trade.

Al-Zeyoudi noted that cryptocurrencies will play an important role in the economic development of the UAE, stating that the country is focusing on building the necessary governance and legal system to support the technology. He explained that the UAE, particularly Dubai, is working to attract large companies to the country with crypto-friendly regulations. This comes as more countries around the world adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to facilitate their financial systems.

The UAE is also home to the world’s first government-backed cryptocurrency, the emCash. This digital currency is designed to provide citizens with an easy, secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional financial services.

Additionally, the UAE Minister of State for artificial intelligence and the digital economy, Omar Sultan Al Olama, was part of the crypto-focused panel at the 2023 World Economic Forum. He discussed the significance of the UAE’s crypto industry, noting that the country is well-positioned to become a hub for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The UAE’s embrace of cryptocurrency is part of its broader strategy to become a leader in innovation and technology. The country has already implemented a number of initiatives such as the Dubai 10X project, which is designed to make Dubai the world’s most innovative city.

It is clear that the UAE is committed to becoming a major player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. This is evidenced by the country’s commitment to building the necessary legal and regulatory frameworks to support the technology. With its progressive policies and innovative initiatives, the UAE is set to become a major hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the near future.

Ex-FTX US President Accuses Sam Bankman-Fried of Abuse

• Brett Harrison, the former president of FTX US, accused Sam Bankman-Fried of „gaslighting and manipulation“ while working at FTX US.
• Harrison served as the head of FTX US for a total of 17 months and threatened to quit the organization in April of last year due to what he saw as organizational flaws with FTX’s structure.
• Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire started to fall apart just weeks before Harrison left his position as head of FTX’s U.S. branch in September.

On Saturday, Brett Harrison, the former president of FTX US, made a series of tweets on Twitter in which he provided information about his time working for Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced crypto tycoon who has been accused of a number of financial offenses. In these tweets, Harrison accused Bankman-Fried of “gaslighting and manipulation” and revealed that he was marginalized as a leader while attempting to expand the footprint of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange in the United States.

Harrison served as the head of FTX US for a total of 17 months and had been attempting to expand the exchange’s operations in the US since he was appointed in December 2020. However, he claims that his relationship with Bankman-Fried had started to deteriorate months prior to his departure. After months of disagreements over FTX’s management procedures, Harrison said that “my relationship with Sam Bankman-Fried and his subordinates had reached a point of absolute degradation.”

In early April 2022, Harrison made a written formal complaint about the organization’s structure, stating that he saw “the largest organizational problems” with the company. However, his complaint fell on deaf ears and he felt that he was being “marginalized as a leader” in the organization. This further strained his relationship with Bankman-Fried and eventually led to his resignation in September 2022, just weeks before Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire started to unravel.

Since leaving FTX US, Harrison has become increasingly vocal about his experiences at the company and has taken to social media to share his story. He has accused Bankman-Fried of using “gaslighting and manipulation” to control the organization and its employees, and has called for a more transparent and ethical corporate culture in the crypto space.

Harrison’s story serves as a cautionary tale for those considering working in the crypto space. It is a reminder that it is important to do your research and be aware of potential red flags before signing up to work with any company. It is also a lesson in the importance of speaking up and making your voice heard, even if it means going against the grain.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Set to Revisit $21K Level

• Bitcoin price prediction for today is that the BTC/USD is likely to revisit the $21,000 level.
• Bitcoin (BTC) is currently consolidating and may break to the upside above the resistance level of $21,000.
• Support levels lie at $19,000, $17,000, and $15,000.

The Bitcoin price prediction for today is that the BTC/USD is likely to revisit the $21,000 level. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently consolidating and may break to the upside above the resistance level of $21,000. The king coin is seen hovering at $20,869, with the current consolidation pattern, the coin is staying above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages.

The technical indicator Relative Strength Index (14) is currently moving within the overbought region. This indicates that in the next move, BTC could break above the channel as the candle is still yet to close. If Bitcoin (BTC) does break to the upside, the nearest resistance level of $21,000 may be reached.

Meanwhile, if any cross below the moving averages happens, the first level of support may be located at $19,500. Other supports lie at $19,000, $17,000 and $15,000. As of now, the coin is fluctuating around the upper boundary of the channel.

In the past few days, Bitcoin price has seen a few minor corrections and retracements. However, the coin has been able to recover from the bearish pressure and currently trades above the $20,000 level.

Analysts suggest that if the coin manages to break the $21,000 level, then the sky is the limit for Bitcoin (BTC). As of now, the coin is in a consolidation phase and is preparing for the next move. Traders must be extra cautious and must stick to their risk management strategies while trading.

An Honest Bitcoin Smarter Review in 2022

A brand-new trading platform on the crypto market, Bitcoin Smarter makes it easy to invest in digital currencies employing cutting-edge technology which has been beneficial to many customers according to the information available at the Bitcoin Smarter website. This Bitcoin Smarter review, you will be able to understand how the system operates, as well as the costs as well as supported assets and general positives and negatives.

Bitcoin Smarter

What Is Bitcoin Smarter?

Bitcoin Smarter is an trading robot for crypto created to assist traders make the right trade decisions in cryptocurrency. Like many other trading platforms it is said to be AI-powered with cutting-edge algorithms and technology to make trades automated on behalf of traders. Bitcoin Smarter promises to minimize human effort by performing an analysis of the technical aspects and identifying potential profitable trends prior to trading.

You do not require prior experience with an automated trading system for crypto to utilize Bitcoin Smarter in order to exchange Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies because of its user-friendly functions. The robot can also make use of your deposit funds to handle trades for you. Simply, you need to alter it to your specific needs to maximize the potential.

Bitcoin Smarter has a claimed success rate of 85percent. It can be used for exchange bitcoin, trade Ethereum and Litecoin as well as exchange Bitcoin Cash for bitcoin, deal with Ripple and trade other cryptocurrency. It can be customized and integrated with effective strategies for greater precision. However, you should be sure to study the market and keep track of your position to gain the maximum benefit from the tool for trading.

All in all, Bitcoin Smarter is beginner-friendly not just in terms accessibility and usage, but also in terms of costs. It is advised to not spend a lot before starting the cryptocurrency business since the market can be unstable and they could lose their investment. This robot offers everything is available for absolutely free. It is only necessary to make a investment of $250 to avail these services. The platform offers the possibility of a demo account so that you can try it out and assess your proficiency before jumping into the market using real money.

Bitcoin Smarter Overview

Robot Type: Trading Robot
Minimum Deposit: $250
Is It a Scam or Legit? Legit
Claimed Win Rate: 85%
Trading Fees: None
Account Fees: None
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: None
Software cost: $0
Withdrawal Timeframe: 24/7
# Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported: 14
Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTE
Supported Fiats: USD, EUR, AUD, CAD
Leverage: 5000:1
Native Mobile App: No
Free Demo Account: Yes
Customer Support: Yes
Verification required: KYC
Automated Trading: Yes
CFD Available Yes


Bitcoin Smarter Pros and Cons


  • Platform that is user-friendly
  • No prior experience needed in trading cryptocurrency
  • Accessible via desktop and mobile devices
  • Trades Bitcoins as well as popular altcoins
  • Flexible features that can be customized to meet the needs of all traders
  • In-built risk-free demo account provided
  • There are no transaction, trade opening, or subscription charges


  • There’s no Bitcoin Smarter mobile app that is native to the Bitcoin Smarter mobile app
  • The minimum deposit of $250 could be seen as excessive by people with low budgets cryptocurrency traders.

Who is the Bitcoin Smarter Owner?

We carried out extensive research on Bitcoin Smarter owners and discovered that it was developed by a group composed of computer scientists and expert traders who have extensive expertise in their fields of expertise. The development of the robot began as an idea that led owners to research the crypto market and come up with strategies, which were later made automated into algorithms.

The greatest benefit of trading using Bitcoin Smarter is that the owners guarantee to keep it up-to-date according to the most current developments. They do this by evaluating the Bitcoin Smarter’s performance, and frequently making changes to it, so that you’re never left out of cryptocurrency trading opportunities within the ever-changing cryptocurrency market. Additionally, Bitcoin Smarter’s users connect the robot to famous brokers to safeguard your money. The system is also extremely secure to protect your personal information and your email.

Beginning with Bitcoin Better

As we mentioned it is not necessary to have prior knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency to trade using Bitcoin Smarter. It is a user-friendly robot and setting up an account with Bitcoin Smarter account in order to trade into Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies is quite simple. Below is a concise and brief review of the procedure when launching trading with Bitcoin Smarter. We’ll go over the procedures in this tutorial.

  1. Go to a broker’s website that is linked with the bot’s website to open accounts on trading platforms.
  2. Once activated you can sign in and then make the necessary deposit
  3. You can activate Bitcoin Smarter and customize it before allowing it to handle your transactions.

Bitcoin Smarter Markets, Assets, and Options

What are the cryptocurrencies and goods that be traded with Bitcoin Smarter?

Bitcoin Smarter was created with traders in mind to ensure they are able to make wise decisions when it comes to trading in cryptocurrency. It can be used in managing Bitcoin and the most popular altcoins trading. You can also use it to CFD trades in which there is no ownership in the underlying asset, but you are merely speculation on the price movement. The downside is that the use of Bitcoin Smarter doesn’t guarantee profit, and your success will be contingent on your approach and your ability to measure the performance of this software.

In this regard that said, here are the top cryptocurrency that you can trade with Bitcoin Smarter.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTE)
  • Ripple (XRP)

Be aware the fact that Bitcoin Smarter supports various fiat currencies, such as US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR) as well as the Pound (GBP). If you want to confirm that your currency is available in the fiat currency do not hesitate to get in touch with Bitcoin Smarter’s 24-hour support. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio by incorporating investments from other markets, like stocks and forex, Bitcoin Smarter might not be the right choice for you, as it’s specifically designed to help cryptocurrency traders automate their trading.

What leverage options are available?

Apart from the buying and selling of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Smarter can be used to trade assets in CFDs. In this type of derivatives trading Bitcoin Smarter allows you to utilize leverage as high as at least 5000:1. This allows you to trade with more than the initial capital, which will increase your the profit. However, leverage could result in massive lossesand leave you with massive bills to pay. This is why it is important to undertake extensive research and strategize to profit from leverage or margin trading. Also, you must be aware of the risks involved and only invest the risk of having to risk. If you’re only beginning to get started on the path to CFD trading, take a look at our comprehensive guide to Bitcoin CFD trading.

If you’re interested in learning more about leveraged trading, take a an interest in our guide:

  • Cryptocurrency spread betting

Which spreads are there?

Bitcoin Smarter is transparent with its charges and the information that is displayed at its web site was confirmed to be reliable by our experienced researchers. The bot doesn’t charge spreads for its services, however it is essential to verify that the brokers they are affiliated with charge this cost. Additionally, there is no commission or subscription fees, nor cost for transactions. In essence Bitcoin Smarter’s services are offered for free. Simply make the $250 minimum deposit, and ensure that your broker linked to the bot is charging fees that are in line with your budget.

Fees, Limits, and Payment Options On Bitcoin Smarter

How Much Does Bitcoin Smarter Cost?

Bitcoin Smarter has a minimum deposit of $250. While some traders find the minimum deposit to be too high but you have access to the latest technology at no cost. For instance, setting up and creating an account to trade with the Bot’s trading platform is completely free. Furthermore, there aren’t fees for transactions or subscriptions. Even if you’re not a trader in the market, Bitcoin Smarter will not charge you for inactivity.

While their services with Bitcoin Smarter is completely free However, you might incur fees for the brokers they have connections to. So, ensure that the broker you choose is in line with your budget. In general, no reputable broker will charge charges for opening accounts. To ensure your security you should choose a broker that is that is regulated by the top authorities like the FCA and BaFin.

There are two kinds of accounts offered with Bitcoin Smarter, including demo and live trading accounts. Let’s examine how they each assist in streamlining your cryptocurrency trading operations.

  • Demo AccountDemo Account is free account that you can try out Bitcoin Smarter and determine whether it fits your style of trading and needs. You don’t have to make use of real money on the account as it’s filled with virtual funds. But, you will not be able to be able to access live markets.
  • Live AccountThis account allows users to participate access to live markets , where you utilize real money to trade in cryptocurrencies. In this case, there are risks involved in trading, and if you don’t have a solid strategy and prudence, you could lose your funds.

Demo accounts are accessible at no cost, you have to join a membership and pay the minimum deposit of $250 in order for access. Be aware the fact that Bitcoin Smarter has deposit bonuses and utilizing them will enhance your experience as well as your potential.

Minimum Deposit: $250
Trading Fees: None
Account Fees: None
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: None
Cost of software $0
Cost of subscription: None

What are the payment options that are accepted in Bitcoin Smarter?

Bitcoin Smarter has grown to become one of the traders most favored cryptocurrency trading tools within the crypto space. One reason it is unique is that it allows withdrawals and deposits with a variety of payment methods. This allows traders who have different preferences to appreciate their experience and concentrate on executing successful trades. It is good to know that the Bitcoin Smarter platform does not charge transaction fees for any of the payment methods featured. In addition every transaction is completed on the same day.

This being said that said, here is a list of the payment methods that are accepted through Bitcoin Smarter.

  • Bank wire transfers and bank accounts
  • Mastercard, Maestro, and Visa
  • Credit and debit cards
  • E-wallets such as PayPal and Neteller
  • Bitcoin if you own

Do you know if Bitcoin Smarter also charge fees and commissions?

As per the details available on Bitcoin Smarter’s site, there are no commissions or fees for using the software to help you automate the trading process. Bitcoin Smarter is completely transparent, and you don’t have to worry about hidden charges. However, we recommend to verify the broker you choose, since they may have fees and commissions. The reason for this is that brokers‘ fees vary based on their capabilities and the features they offer, and you need to make trades with the one that you can manage.

Bitcoin Trade sizes that are smarter and more flexible and limitations

There aren’t any specified trading limits for Bitcoin Smarter’s site since trading limits are probably enforced by the cryptocurrency brokerages the bot is associated with. The only limitation Bitcoin Smarter has to depositing a minimum of $250 that you have to make prior to making use of the bot to automate trades. Concerning the size of your trade it is contingent on your investment as well as the leverage partner brokers offer.

Bitcoin Smarter’s Platform

What is the process behind how Bitcoin Smarter work?

Bitcoin Smarter reportedly uses algorithms and trading signals to follow the market and make trades on behalf of traders. The robot promises to spot patterns and make an investment based on the ones which could be profitable. The company claims that it is 0.01 second ahead of market prices, Bitcoin Smarter predicts cryptocurrencies price trends in the future and then provides the most effective signals to cryptocurrency brokers through APIs.

As we mentioned You don’t need to be an expert trader in cryptocurrency to make use of this Bitcoin Smarter trading platform. Download it, and then install it according to your capabilities. Make sure you choose a broker for cryptocurrency that is compatible with your needs in trading to get the most out of your cryptocurrency trading experience. Additionally keep track of your trades when utilising Bitcoin Smarter. You should investigate the market, devise strong trading strategies and monitor your positions.

Overall it appears that all in all, the Bitcoin Smarter trading platform is robust and reliable. It claims to have an average winning rate of 85 percent, and we highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking a reliable cryptocurrency robot. But, keep in mind that it handles cryptocurrency transactions only, and you should verify that it is able to handle your chosen currency before committing to. You can also test its performance with its demo account in order to remove any doubts.

Does Bitcoin Smarter Work?

Bitcoin Smarter promises the ability to make trades with Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrency with the aid of a complicated algorithm controlled by Artificial Intelligence. The robot claims that the algorithm was developed based on years of information about cryptocurrency and the crypto market and the goal is to identify the best opportunities to purchase cryptocurrency.

How do I utilize the Bitcoin Smarter app on?

To trade on Bitcoin Smarter, or the Bitcoin Smarter trading platform, you must have a device that is web-connected. Unfortunately the robot doesn’t come with an integrated Bitcoin Smarter app to install on mobile devices. Therefore, instead of installing an official Bitcoin Smarter app, you must use a browser-based device and connect to Bitcoin Smarter to automate your crypto trading. These devices include;

  • Laptops and desktops
  • Android or iOS smartphones
  • Tablets

It is crucial to make sure that your device is running the latest version and that you can access a speedy and reliable internet connection. So, you don’t lose out on opportunities in this dynamic cryptocurrency market.

Do I have to use the Bitcoin Smarter app in my own country?

Bitcoin Smarter is still new on the market, and many users are wondering if it’s recognized in their country. It is fortunate that the software is already gaining popularity worldwide due to its outstanding features. It can be used to streamline your crypto transactions in the event that your country permits cryptocurrency trading. It is important to verify availability instead of simply assuming that you can trade in a safe manner. The countries that have Bitcoin Smarter include the following:

Country Is Bitcoin Smarter Available?
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in the UK No
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in Canada Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in Australia Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in USA No
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in South Africa Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter] in New Zealand Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in Philippines Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in UAE Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in Singapore Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in France Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in Spain Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in Italy Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in Germany Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in Nigeria Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Smarter in Mexico Yes


Is Bitcoin Smarter Available in My Language?

Bitcoin Smarter has extensive language coverage as it wishes to be available to a broad range of cryptocurrency traders around the world. Here are a few of the most commonly used languages through Bitcoin Smarter.

  • English
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Germany
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian

The above examples are only examples. You can pick your preferred language from the menu on the right of the page.

How simple is it to make use of Bitcoin Smarter?

Bitcoin Smarter platform is user-friendly and beginners don’t require assistance when making trading accounts or creating the bot. The tool for trading is fully automated to streamline your crypto trading and allowing you focus on other aspects of your life.

Although the Bitcoin Smarter app for trading is easy to use, we suggest that you do not trust it to handle your trades. We are not perfect and may not be able to identify opportunities that can help a trade to be successful. Therefore, be sure to control your cryptocurrency transactions when making use of Bitcoin Smarter. Do your own research and create strategies that effectively assist you in tracking your investments. Additionally, you can use control measures for risk management to protect profits and limit the massive losses.

If you are a trader, begin by understanding how Bitcoin Smarter functions and then apply it to crypto trading. The good news is that it comes with the ability to demo your account, which allows users to practice this. You can also make use of the bit’s demo account to check your skills and decide whether you’re ready to make a trade with real money.

What is the maximum amount of profit you can earn using Bitcoin Smarter?

The market for cryptocurrency is extremely unpredictable, which makes it difficult to generate certain amounts of profit. It is all dependent on the amount you invest as well as your strategy. Overall similar bots that offer the same leverage have allowed users to earn upwards of $5,000 per day in profits.

It is important to note that although you can make money with Bitcoin Smarter, it will not be an easy task. You need to be determined and focused on analysing the market and implementing strategies for trading. This will allow you to take a an active strategy for managing your investments. Also, you should determine your anticipated profits based on tax deductions that you report for the tax authorities, such as the IRS or HMRC.

Key Features of Bitcoin Smarter

Bitcoin Smarter isn’t just unlike any other trading robot within the cryptocurrency market. Its unique features and their understanding can help you make the most effective trading choices. Check out the features which make Bitcoin Smarter distinguish itself.

Online Regulated Brokers

Bitcoin Smarter is incorporated into the top brokers supervised by top-quality authorities around the world like CySEC along with the FCA with the goal to provide a high-quality trading platform, as well as security of your money used to trade.

Fast Withdrawals

Some trading robots for cryptocurrency take days to finish withdrawals, however Bitcoin Smarter excels in this area. The maximum amount of time you can withdraw money from your account for trading is 24 hours, which keeps you in control of your tasks.

Excellent Algorithms

Bitcoin Smarter claims to use the latest technology to automate your trades , and has excellent algorithms to find profitable opportunities. Additionally, the bot is said as being 0.01 second ahead of market prices in order to improve the chances of making profitable trades.

Demo Account

Bitcoin Smarter provides a demo account for traders to test the software while testing their abilities at no cost. The demo account functions the same way as its live counterpart, giving users an idea of trading in live markets. We suggest you start with Bitcoin Smarter with its demo account before investing in real money when you feel confident in the experience. You just need to create an account for trading and then make a deposit of $250 as per Bitcoin Smarter’s requirements in order to open your demo account.

Trading With Bitcoin Smarter: Security and Regulation

Is Bitcoin Smarter Legit?

Based on our findings from research Based on our findings, there’s no reason not to think about Bitcoin Smarter. We know that the app’s trading capabilities are relatively new on the market, and is yet to get a lot of reviews from users. It is however, connected to top-of-the-line licensed cryptocurrency broker and has thousands of customers who sign up for trading accounts every day. Furthermore, Bitcoin Smarter operates in more than 100 countries around the world and has strict regulations for financial transactions to adhere to.

Be aware that just because the app for trading is legitimate, but that doesn’t mean every trade must be executed efficiently. In this highly volatile cryptocurrency market are inevitable and are bound to happen. Furthermore,

Is Bitcoin Smarter Safe?

There are reasons to believe the Bitcoin Smarter service is secure. For example, it is extremely encrypted with the intention of protecting your information as well as your email. Its association with brokers that are regulated also suggests that the company’s owners care about your safety and want to ensure that you trade safely while also protecting your money. In addition, Bitcoin Smarter adheres to the strict regulations of GDPR and requires that you participate with the KYC procedure prior to completely activating your account for trading.

Am I and My Money Protected?

Bitcoin Smarter does not offer any digital wallets and won’t be responsible for the storage of your money. Instead, your trading funds are kept on the broker they are connected to. So, you’ll use their platforms to deposit and withdrawals. To ensure that your money is secure, you should not accept anything less than an authorized broker by world-renowned authorities.

In general overall, everything about the Bitcoin Smarter marketplace is fully encrypted with the intention of protecting your personal information and emails. As of now, there have been no hacking-related incidents reported however, you must be vigilant and keep an eye on your account for suspicious activity.

Is Bitcoin Smarter Regulated?

No. Bitcoin Smarter is not regulated in the crypto market. Luckily, it is partnered with licensed brokers, which allows you to trade with the most secure conditions, while also complying with the laws governing financial transactions in your nation. Some authorities overseeing Bitcoin Smarter include CySEC, FCA, ASIC, CFTC, etc.

Do I Have to Verify My Account With Bitcoin Smarter?

Yes. Bitcoin Smarter has a standard procedure for signing up for an account to trade. For verification it is necessary to take part in the KYC procedure , where the bot asks you to show the proof of your identity as well as the location. This includes the ID card of yours and an bank statement or utility bill as well as a bank statement. Be aware that you will not be able to use Bitcoin Smarter’s Bitcoin Smarter trading platform without checking your account. This process ensures that your online trading is secure as well as avoiding fraudulent traders.

How Does Bitcoin Smarter Work? Trading Strategies And Algorithms

Bitcoin Smarter claims to be AI-powered and extremely fast in identifying market trends. It aims to be more effective than human efforts by using;

  • Automated Trading Tools
  • Arbitrage Trading
  • News Trading
  • Price Trend Analysis

Extra Information About Bitcoin Smarter

Educational Resources

Bitcoin Smarter does not have a lot of educational resources that can help you prepare for the cryptocurrency market. Apart from a demo account, there’s only a brief FAQ section on the bottom of its website. There is also an on-site support team to call if you need clarification regarding trading using Bitcoin Smarter.

There is a wealth of blog posts on websites that provide details on trading in cryptocurrency. Additionally, you can learn from the brokers it has partnered with, their educational resources, podcasts online Youtube channels, YouTube channels, etc.

Tools and Charting

The robot provides a range of tools and charts in its trading application to make trading easier. Every trader, no matter how new or experienced, is sure to discover something that matches their level of expertise.

Customer support

The support services for Bitcoin Smarter are available 24/7 making it easy to contact them for any issues as you first begin trading. On their website, we could not locate an email address or a phone number. It is possible to get in touch with them via an online form that allows you to make a call and then wait for them to get back to you. You must however, sign up for a trading account through Bitcoin Smarter to access its assistance service.

Bitcoin Smarter Customer Support Details
Bitcoin Smarter Support email Not available
Contact number for support at Bitcoin Smarter Not available
Live chat with Bitcoin Smarter Not available
Bitcoin Smarter, other options for support Online form

Demo Account

A demo from Bitcoin Smarter is easy to use and has a modern designs. It is a good way to test the performance of the bot before making a commitment with real money. The demo account is a virtual funds. Even although you can’t use live markets however, you’ll learn about what happens to the market and prepare yourself fully for it. Be aware that you need to create an account for trading and make a deposit of at least $250 in order to benefit from the demo account of Bitcoin Smarter.

Der neue 64-Bit Pentium 4-Prozessor

Letzte Woche hat Intel endlich seine 64-Bit Pentium 4 Prozessoren vorgestellt, die dem Athlon 64 von AMD gegenüberstehen. Die folgenden Modelle wurden veröffentlicht: 630 (3 GHz), 640 (3,2 GHz), 650 (3,4 GHz), 660 (3,6 GHz) und 670 (3,8 GHz). Die wichtigsten Spezifikationen dieser neuen Prozessoren sind die folgenden:

64-Bit-Erweiterungen (EM64T)
Sockel LGA775
800 MHz externer Bus (200 MHz x 4)
XD (eXecute Disable)-Technologie
L1-Speicher-Cache von 16 KB für Daten und 150 KB für Anweisungen
L2-Speicher-Cache von 2 MB
Zusammen mit der Einführung des 64-Bit-Pentium 4 hat Intel auch eine 3,73-GHz-Pentium-4-Extreme-Edition mit dem neuen externen 1.066-MHz-Bus und 2 MB L2-Speichercache herausgebracht, die verspricht, die schnellste derzeit erhältliche Intel-CPU zu sein. Diese CPU ist jedoch nur für ein paar Geeks gedacht: Sie kostet 999 US-Dollar für Händler in den USA, wenn sie in einer Menge von 1.000 Stück gekauft wird.


Die Pentium-4-Modelle 630, 640 und 650 haben eine maximale Leistungsaufnahme von 84 W, während die Modelle 660 und 670 bis zu 115 W aufnehmen können, was sie zu richtig heißen CPUs macht.

Wie Sie sehen können, verwenden Pentium 4 Prozessoren mit 64-Bit-Technologie ein Nummerierungssystem, das mit „6“ beginnt, während die Prozessoren ohne diese Funktion mit „5“ beginnen, so dass es leicht zu erkennen ist, ob ein Pentium 4 über diese neue Technologie verfügt oder nicht. Beispielsweise arbeiten sowohl der 540er als auch der 640er Pentium 4 mit 3,2 GHz, aber das 640er Modell verfügt über die 64-Bit-Technologie und andere neue Funktionen, die beim 540er Modell nicht vorhanden sind, wie z. B. die SpeedStep-Technologie und den 2 MB großen L2-Speicher-Cache.

Die 64-Bit-Technik von Intel (EM64T)

Um die 64-Bit-Technologie nutzen zu können, ist ein kompatibles 64-Bit-Betriebssystem erforderlich. Bislang unterstützen nur wenige Linux-Versionen diese Technologie (wie SuSE SL9.1 und SLES9; das Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Update 2 wird EM64T unterstützen, aber erst im Mai auf den Markt kommen). Windows-Benutzer müssen warten, bis Windows 64 in die Läden kommt. Weitere Informationen über diese Technologie finden Sie unter https://www.intel.com/technology/64bitextensions.

Es ist wichtig, darauf hinzuweisen, dass die EM64T-Technologie nichts mit der 64-Bit-Technologie zu tun hat, die von den Itanium-Prozessoren verwendet wird, genannt IA-64. 32-Bit-Software läuft auch auf diesen neuen Prozessoren ohne Probleme.

Der Hauptvorteil der 64-Bit-Technologie besteht darin, dass Ihre CPU mehr RAM-Speicher sehen kann. Die Prozessoren ohne diese Technologie können auf bis zu 4 GB RAM zugreifen, während der neue 64-Bit-Prozessor Penitum 4 bis zu 32 TB RAM nutzen kann. Beachten Sie, dass die maximale Menge an RAM-Speicher, die Sie in Ihrem Computer haben können, durch den Chipsatz der Hauptplatine begrenzt ist (da der Speicher-Controller-Schaltkreis in den Chipsatz eingebettet ist) und auch durch die Anzahl der auf der Hauptplatine verfügbaren Speichersteckplätze.

Eine weitere neue Funktion des neuen Pentium 4 der Serie 6 ist die SpeedStep-Technologie, die bei Intel-CPUs für Laptops zum Einsatz kommt. Diese Technologie ermöglicht es der CPU, ihren Takt – und damit den Stromverbrauch und die erzeugte Wärme – sowie die Lüftergeschwindigkeit (d.h. weniger Lärm) in den Momenten zu senken, in denen der Benutzer den Computer nicht mit seiner vollen Kapazität nutzt.

XD (eXecute Disable) Technologie

Diese Technologie verhindert, dass einige Arten von Viren Ihren PC angreifen, sofern Ihr Betriebssystem dies unterstützt. In der Windows-Welt müssen Sie Windows XP mit Service Pack 2 installiert haben, damit diese Technologie funktioniert.

Sie funktioniert durch die Verwendung eines Bits, das anzeigt, ob ein bestimmter Speicherbereich von Daten oder von einem Programm verwendet wird (von dieser Technik stammt ein anderer Name für diese Technologie: XD-Bit). Wenn ein Code, der in einem als „nur Daten“ gekennzeichneten Speicherbereich installiert ist, versucht, ausgeführt zu werden, wird er vom Betriebssystem blockiert, da dies kein normales Verhalten ist (Daten können nicht „ausgeführt“ werden – ein Virus gibt normalerweise vor, Daten zu sein, um ausgeführt zu werden. Klicken Sie hier, um mehr über diese Technologie zu erfahren.

Mehr Cache-Speicher
Die neue Pentium 4-Serie verfügt über mehr L2-Cache-Speicher, 2 MB, das Doppelte des „normalen“ Pentium 4 der Serie 5. Theoretisch ist die CPU umso schneller, je mehr von diesem Speicher in ihr vorhanden ist. Wenn wir also einen Pentium 4 der Serie 5 mit einem Pentium 4 der Serie 6 vergleichen, der mit der gleichen Taktfrequenz läuft, wird der Pentium 4 der Serie 6 schneller sein, nicht weil er die EM64T-Technologie verwendet, sondern einfach weil er mehr Cache-Speicher hat.

Der Leistungsgewinn hängt von der jeweiligen Anwendung ab. Nach Angaben von Intel schwankt dieser Gewinn zwischen 2 % und 7 %, je nach der verwendeten Benchmarking-Software. Dieser Gewinn kann bei realen Anwendungen größer sein, wenn diese viel auf den RAM-Speicher zugreifen.

Ist es an der Zeit, den neuen 64-Bit-Pentium 4 zu kaufen? Nur wenn Sie ein Geek sind, der einen 64-Bit-fähigen Computer haben will, wenn Windows 64 erscheint. Für den Durchschnittsnutzer ist es besser zu warten: ein Pentium 4 540 (3,2 GHz) kostet auf dem US-Markt etwa 230 US-Dollar, während ein Pentium 4 640 etwa 320 US-Dollar kostet.

Was Sie tun können, wenn das Touchpad Ihres Medion-Akoya-Laptops nicht mehr funktioniert

Wenn das Touchpad Ihres Medion-Akoya-Laptops nicht mehr auf Ihre Finger reagiert, haben Sie ein Problem. Haben Sie schon einmal versucht, einen Windows-PC ohne Maus, Touchpad oder ein anderes Zeigegerät zu verwenden? Das ist so gut wie unmöglich.

Wenn das Problem gerade erst aufgetreten ist, starten Sie Ihren Computer neu, um zu sehen, ob das Problem dadurch behoben wird. Ja, ich weiß, das ist schmerzlich offensichtlich, aber es ist ein Standardverfahren, und in der Hitze des Gefechts kann man das Offensichtliche leicht übersehen.

Wenn das nicht funktioniert, versuchen Sie diese Lösungen

Stellen Sie zunächst sicher, dass Sie das Touchpad nicht versehentlich deaktiviert haben. Höchstwahrscheinlich gibt es eine Tastenkombination, mit der das Touchpad ein- und ausgeschaltet werden kann. In der Regel müssen Sie die Fn-Taste – in der Regel in der Nähe einer der unteren Ecken der Tastatur – gedrückt halten, während Sie eine andere Taste drücken.

Aber welche andere Taste sollten Sie drücken? Wahrscheinlich ist es eine der Funktionstasten F1 bis F12, es kann aber auch eine andere sein. Untersuchen Sie die Tastatur und achten Sie dabei besonders auf die kleinen (meist blauen) Symbole auf einigen der Tasten. Suchen Sie nach einem Symbol, das darauf hinweist, dass das Touchpad betroffen ist.

Leider sind nicht alle Touchpad-Symbole leicht zu entziffern. Ich habe das Symbol auf meinem alten Lenovo X220 nicht gefunden. Ich fand es, indem ich im Internet nach dem Modellnamen und der Modellnummer sowie nach „Touchpad deaktivieren“ suchte. Die Antwort war übrigens F8. Bei meinem neueren Lenovo Yoga 920 musste ich die Antwort erneut suchen, und dort war es F6. Wenn Sie das Symbol nicht erraten können, schlage ich vor, dass Sie dasselbe tun.

Wenn das Problem dadurch nicht behoben wird, überprüfen Sie die Touchpad-Einstellungen. Gehen Sie in Windows 7 oder 8 in das Startmenü oder die Suchleiste und geben Sie Mauseinstellungen ein. Wählen Sie Mauseinstellungen ändern – es gibt noch weitere Optionen, die sehr ähnlich sind, also wählen Sie diejenige mit genau diesem Wortlaut.

So beheben Sie das Problem

In Windows 10 klicken Sie auf die Windows-Taste und gehen Sie zu Einstellungen > Geräte > Touchpad. Dadurch gelangen Sie auf die Seite mit den Touchpad-Einstellungen, auf der Sie bestätigen können, dass das Touchpad aktiviert ist, und weitere Optionen überprüfen können.

Wenn das nicht hilft, benötigen Sie möglicherweise einen neuen Treiber. Gehen Sie auf die Website des Herstellers Ihres Medion-Akoya-Laptops und suchen Sie nach Ihrer Modellnummer und den Worten Touchpad-Treiber. Sehen Sie nach, ob es einen Treiber gibt, den Sie herunterladen und installieren können.

Wenn keiner dieser Vorschläge funktioniert, haben Sie ein Hardwareproblem. Wenn Sie nicht bereit sind, das Problem selbst zu beheben, haben Sie zwei Möglichkeiten: Sie können den Medion-Akoya-Laptop zur Reparatur in ein Geschäft schicken oder eine externe Maus kaufen und diese anstelle der Maus verwenden.

El Bitcoin (BTC) rebota tras caer por debajo de los 45.000 dólares

  • Bitcoin ha creado una vela envolvente bajista en el marco de tiempo semanal.
  • Los indicadores semanales son alcistas, pero las señales diarias son bajistas.
  • BTC ha roto una cuña descendente a corto plazo.

El precio de Bitcoin (BTC) bajó considerablemente la semana pasada pero ha roto un patrón de reversión alcista de corto plazo.

Se espera que el Bitcoin siga subiendo hacia las zonas de resistencia que se detallan a continuación.

Cierre semanal bajista de Bitcoin

El Bitcoin bajó de un máximo de $57,508 a un mínimo de $43,000 la semana pasada, creando una vela envolvente bajista en el proceso.

Mientras que el RSI generó una divergencia bajista antes de la caída, la ha invalidado con una divergencia alcista oculta. Esto es una fuerte señal de continuación de la tendencia alcista.

Además, el MACD aún no ha hecho una barra de impulso inferior (aunque está cerca esta semana) y el oscilador estocástico aún no ha hecho un cruce bajista.

Ha habido cinco casos anteriores de velas envolventes bajistas tras un movimiento alcista significativo desde 2015.

Dos de ellos condujeron a nuevos máximos inmediatamente después (flechas verdes), dos condujeron a ligeros rebotes y mínimos más bajos (amarillo), mientras que uno siguió con un rebote pero fue el comienzo de una corrección de dos años (rojo).

No obstante, los cinco dieron lugar a rebotes en la semana siguiente, por lo que es probable que esta semana también veamos algún movimiento al alza.

Movimiento actual

El gráfico diario muestra que el BTC está operando actualmente por encima de la zona de soporte menor de $44,800. Ha validado el nivel por segunda vez y ha creado una mecha inferior.

Sin embargo, los indicadores técnicos son bajistas. El histograma MACD se encuentra en territorio negativo y el oscilador estocástico se encuentra en posición bajista.

El gráfico de dos horas es un poco más alcista. Muestra una ruptura de una cuña descendente y una divergencia alcista muy significativa tanto en el RSI como en el MACD.

Si el BTC sigue subiendo, la zona de resistencia más cercana se encontraría entre 50,670-$52,480. Este rango son los niveles de retroceso 0,5-0,618 Fib al medir todo el movimiento bajista.

Esto también encajaría con la posibilidad de un rebote como se indica en el gráfico semanal.

Una ruptura y validación de la mencionada zona de 50.670 a 52.480 dólares como soporte confirmaría que la tendencia es alcista.

Recuento de ondas de BTC

El recuento de ondas más probable sugiere que BTC acaba de completar la onda cuatro de un impulso alcista de cinco ondas (naranja).

Mientras no se alcance el nivel de invalidación en $38,620, es probable que BTC siga siendo alcista y que lleve a un nuevo máximo histórico.

El recuento de las ondas a largo plazo es el siguiente.


Se espera que el Bitcoin continúe saliendo de la cuña descendente y se mueva gradualmente hacia el rango de $50,670-$52,480.

Bitcoin diventa mainstream poiché le istituzioni detengono il 3% dell’offerta circolante di BTC

Il crescente appetito degli investitori istituzionali fa sì che le aziende detengano ora più di 460.000 BTC, che rappresentano il 3% dell’offerta totale in circolazione.

Gli investitori istituzionali stanno rapidamente divorando Bitcoin e, al momento in cui scriviamo, quasi il 3% del Bitcoin Storm in circolazione è bloccato in partecipazioni a lungo termine da questi investitori.

I dati mostrano che 24 entità hanno accumulato più di 460.500 BTC, che equivalgono a $ 22 miliardi al prezzo attuale di Bitcoin

Secondo Michael Novogratz, questa cifra esclude i 3 milioni di BTC persi per sempre , il quale stima che una carenza di offerta potrebbe verificarsi a breve se le istituzioni manterranno la loro corrente frenesia di acquisti.

L’attuale elenco di possessori include MtGox KK, che ha quasi 141.690 BTC ($ 6,6 miliardi). Il prossimo è Block.one con una stima di 140.000 BTC $ 6,5 miliardi). MicroStrategy ha anche circa 71.000 BTC (3,3 miliardi di dollari) e questa settimana Tesla ha acquistato 38.500 BTC (circa 1,8 miliardi di dollari).

Gli analisti ora si aspettano che detenere Bitcoin in tesoreria diventerà presto uno standard aziendale in quanto vi sono molteplici ragioni tecniche per considerare Bitcoin come una copertura contro l’inflazione .

Innanzitutto, BTC ha un’offerta limitata in circolazione, imitando la riserva di valore dell’oro. Inoltre, non c’è modo di accelerare la nuova fornitura di Bitcoin attraverso ulteriori attività di mining.

I grandi detentori riducono ulteriormente l’offerta circolante acquistando quantità significative dal mercato e collocandole in celle frigorifere. Questa cultura di detenzione a lungo termine tra la maggior parte dei partecipanti alle criptovalute riduce la già piccola offerta, creando un circolo vizioso.

Per i direttori finanziari esperti, avere una parte del tesoro di Bitcoin fornisce una copertura normativa e arbitraggio poiché i governi non possono congelare i fondi

Ciò che sorprende della decisione di Tesla di acquistare Bitcoin è il tempismo, poiché la decisione è avvenuta dopo che il prezzo di BTC è aumentato del 250% in quattro mesi.

La mossa di questa settimana ha portato la capitalizzazione di mercato di BTC a superare quella di Tesla, raggiungendo la nona posizione tra tutti gli asset negoziabili.

In passato, l’acquisto di Bitcoin potrebbe essere stato visto come una mossa incredibilmente audace, ma ora sta diventando un buon senso per gli investitori istituzionali.

Con una stima approssimativa di $ 10 trilioni di tesoreria aziendale in tutto il mondo , anche un’allocazione del 3% in BTC rappresenta $ 300 miliardi, che è circa un terzo del valore complessivo di Bitcoin in liquidità.

Considerando che oltre il 60% dell’offerta di Bitcoin non si è mosso in più di un anno, un afflusso di $ 300 miliardi è quasi inimmaginabile per un asset con un flottante di $ 355 miliardi.

Inoltre, i BTC appena coniati dai minatori ammontano a 341.640 all’anno, appena 16,3 miliardi di dollari. Pertanto è lecito concludere che la costante allocazione di BTC ai titoli di stato aziendali potrebbe più che raddoppiare il prezzo attuale di Bitcoin.

Anchorage Becomes First Nationally Approved U.S. Crypto Bank

The Anchorage cryptocurrency custody service becomes the first U.S. crypto-bank to be nationally approved by regulators. A considerable advance for the industry as a whole.

A national first for Anchorage

Anchorage , providing multiple cryptocurrency-related services for institutional The News Spy scam investors, becomes the first national “digital asset bank” in the United States . The company has obtained conditional approval of a national trust charter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the regulator of US banks.

Called the Anchorage Digital Bank National Association, this crypto-bank is now authorized to operate as a fiduciary institution at the national level :

“This is an important milestone, not only for us as an organization, but also for the cryptocurrency industry and the financial world in general. The crypto world deserves a bank, and we are extremely proud to have been approved as the standard-setting, ”Anchorage said in its statement .

In an interview with Coindesk media, Anchorage President Diogo Mónica added:

“We are a national bank. The only difference is our line of business, which is to manage crypto-assets versus other assets. The advantage of having a federally chartered bank is that it takes precedence over all state laws. Being regulated by the oldest banking regulator in the United States sends a very clear message. “

A spectacular advance for the industry

For Anchorage and especially for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, obtaining this charter is a considerable step forward . Little by little, regulators are placing their trust in companies in the sector, which offers increasingly demanded services.

This is certainly just the start of a long line of approvals and efforts from regulators for 2021. The advantage this offers crypto companies is colossal. Rather than scrambling to get a specific license to operate in each state, this national charter allows companies to supply customers across the country .

Obtaining this charter also allows Anchorage to develop new services:

“This means that there is a crypto-native company that offers cryptocurrency related services like lending, staking and is now allowed to be directly connected to the heart of the financial system,” added the Anchorage team.

In the United States, demands for the establishment of national crypto-banks are growing. Last month, the BitPay and Paxos companies both applied for federal charters from the OCC .

In addition, the Kraken exchange established the first crypto bank in the United States in September 2020 , but it can only operate in the state of Wyoming at this time.

In recent months, things have been moving very quickly in the United States. Cryptocurrencies are at the heart of discussions among regulators, and they are genuinely opening up to the industry .