Hackers request $4 million in Bitcoin from Argentine authorities

Hackers have attacked Argentina’s Immigration Office, causing a temporary closure of its borders and, as expected, are demanding a ransom at Bitcoin.

Crypto is used again for evil
According to Bleeping Computer, a security news site, Argentina’s National Directorate of Migration suffered an attack by ransomware Netwalker that temporarily stopped the border crossing into and out of the country on August 27.

Yes, the hackers caused Argentina’s borders to be temporarily closed, but now the question is whether or not the authorities will pay the ransom at Bitcoin.

The border authorities discovered that the computer systems were compromised by an unidentified virus. Therefore, they decided to shut down the central servers in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

And, therefore, all immigration offices and checkpoints were offline for four hours.

Bleeping Computer published on Twitter an image showing a ransom note in Tor sent to the immigration agency where they basically demanded to pay for their release and, of course, in Bitcoin.

According to the report the pirates initially demanded $2 million in Bitcoin as a ransom. However, after seven days, that figure increased to $4 million.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Bitcoin is used as a means of doing evil, however, the hackers who have attacked Argentina are indeed ambitious.

Even so, the authorities have decided to maintain their position and not give in to the attack. According to Infobae, the officials assured that „they will not negotiate with the hackers and are not too worried about recovering this data“.

Thus, this is the first time that Bitcoin Freedom has been involved in an attack that directly affected a nation’s border controls. This time the hackers attacked Argentina, will there be a next one?

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